Leadership in a changing environment nhs management essay

The evidence based change highlighted in this assignment is relatively small, compared to some evidence based practices, such as the implementation of twelve-hour shifts for example, which was implemented on the premise that it would ensure consistency of care and give nurses more leisure time.

Some staff on the unit may not see the need for the therapeutic activities on the ward as they have worked for many years without it. They also play an important role as a patient advocate by ensuring co- healthcare workers perform hand hygiene as well.

Three forms of avoidant leadership were identified: This would be viewed as a destructive approach as it is usually accompanied by some sense of threat such as loss of job Bassett and Cutcliffe, If the negative attitude continues throughout the whole team, then it could be because of lack of shared vision, which is a major factor that impedes change.

Reason being, the nurses are those who render most of the bed side nursing care.

Leadership In A Changing Environment Management Essay

In order to implement change, Hoffer suggests that the chosen strategy must be matched to the people involved, while Wright supports the view that effective change is not only dependent on the selection of appropriate frameworks for practice, but also on the active involvement of participants.

A secondary analysis of studies exploring organizational wrongdoing in hospitals highlighted the nature of ineffectual leadership in the clinical environment. Therefore innovations that demonstrate high relative advantage and compatibility, and those that lack complexity and can be tried out, are more likely to be adopted than changes that do not demonstrate these characteristics.

He describes how nurses develop a comfort zone with themselves and work. As a transformational leader, the qualities and characteristics of the nurse manager will enable them to feel confident and comfortable while engaging in the development of healthcare policies and implementation of changes.

According to Lancaster and Lancasterthere are two types of change agent, external and internal. Smith stresses that a more holistic approach, which confronts the fears and concerns of the staff and draws them with the change process, is what the human side of change is all about.

Other related characteristics are nurse empowerment, strengthening organizational commitment and increasing overall productivity. There is constant competition for resources that must be allocated to achieve myriad priorities. Therefore, a good leader is necessary in displaying the positive attributes to influence the rest of the members in the group.

A successful change agent needs to be able to formulate goals amongst colleagues. The major area of concern is that once the change has been proposed now the manager need to focus on communicating the change to the staff people and have to take their consent towards the change.

Thus the participative leadership provides the favorable environment towards the change implementation. There are UK writers just like me on hand, waiting to help you.

Political and Civic Leadership: It is not easy to predict the nature of any person and one leadership style could not be suitable for every staff people. The UKCC endorses the concept of education and lifelong learning stating "As a registered nurse you are personally accountable for your practice, and in the exercise of your professional accountability, must maintain and improve your professional knowledge and competence" UKCC,9, 3p9.

Equally important are the emergent leaders who establish informal authority based on how others respond to them in a given situation.

In this paper, we discuss clinical leadership in contemporary health care, definitional issues in clinical leadership, roles of hospitals in contemporary health care, preparation for clinical leadership roles, and the facilitators and barriers to effective clinical leadership in the hospital sector.

The element of participative leadership indicates towards the fact that the employees and other stakeholders must be communicated properly towards the change and their opinions must also get reverence into the change management process. The civil service is performance management framework nhs example essays independent of government and composed mainly of career bureaucrats hired on professional merit rather than appointed or elected, whose.

Nursing leaders must support and positively reinforce hand hygiene practice among healthcare workers. Managing change is a complex, dynamic and challenging process. Restraining forces are those who slow the change process or stop the change from taking place.

So here the situational leadership style is most idealized and suitable. Some models describe change in a theoretical way, while other models refer to a framework for practical action Egan, For consumers of health care to achieve optimal health outcomes and experience optimal hospital care, many believe effective clinical leadership is essential.

It illustrates how the change has been implemented through proper planning and control, effective people and process management. This, according to Glanville et alis when an organisation can claim to be clinically effective in establishing efficient and effective quality standards and patient outcomes based upon research evidence.

Stokes argues that professionals can have difficulty working out a coherent and shared purpose in practice as they have had different training which has given them different values, priorities and preoccupations. Poor communication between professional colleagues during a change process can impede an effective result.

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Whereas the internal agent has the advantage of knowing the group and the system. Management emphasizes planning, organizing, and operating efficiently and effectively.

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He is the author of the award-winning The Five Giants, a narrative history of the British welfare state from Beveridge to Blair. Overall, although management skills are important and necessary, the future requires leadership to provide the dynamics essential to challenge and lead organisations into an era where management of rapid change is the necessary key for future survival.

The National Health Service (NHS) has to provide a dynamic and responsive Recognizing the needs of the service from clinically based environment Leading and developing services – implementing change process of change will be discussed in the section on change management.


Leadership styles. Leadership In A Changing Environment Management custom Essay. Spending on the NHS has risen from £m a year to £96bn over the last 60 years (Ham ), nearly a fold increase after adjustment for inflation (Hawe ).

Aug 25,  · Change Management Essay. Change Management - Theories of Changes Theories of Change In order to survive and prosper in a rapid changing environment of business world, organization is often required to generate fast response to changes (French, Bell & Zawacki, ).

Addressed will be the following: Organic Evolution of Change. Although leadership and management are both important, Bennis and Nanus identified a profound difference between the two: “Managers are people who do things right and leaders are people who do the right things”.(Transformational Leadership in Health Care by Joan Trofino).

Davidhizar () believes that in a changing and chaotic health care arena the nurse leaders need to utilise the qualities of transformational leadership, which focus on people and solving problems in an ever changing environment.

Effective Leadership In the NHS. Print Reference this. Disclaimer: The context and challenges for health and healthcare across the Europe are changing rapidly and in many cases are converging. Management Essay Writing Service Free Essays More Management Essays Examples of Our Work Management Dissertation Examples.

Leadership in a changing environment nhs management essay
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