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But it is more likely that immigration will contribute to the ageing population rather than preventing it. Write my essay exam plan Write my essay exam plan college essay new york times essays Advantages of an Ageing Population The ageing population is often stereotyped as a burden and their detrimental impact on the economy is exaggerated causing their significant societal contributions to be overlooked.

India’s Aging Population

But it is feared that this change may leave behind good, honest working habits and even put workers out of a job. This requires special strategy to better the lot of these people.

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It is evident that the baby boomers will continue to age and become highly reliant on an economy that does not have sufficient workers to supply their demands revealing an obvious upheaval in economic balance that has the potential to send Australia into another financial crisis Productive Ageing Centre, The Generation Gap and its Implications The 'baby boomer' period after the war caused a spike in birth rates, and we are now seeing the implications of it on the Australian community.

It shows that Australia, among other countries, will experience almost a double in ratio over the next 50 years, which will have severe impacts on the working force as they will experience increases in income tax in order to support the increased proportion of older population.

Nearly 60 percent live in dwellings lacking access to an improved sewer system. By increasing immigration, ageing will be heightened as there is will be an increase in population and we cannot prevent migrants growing in age too. Krishnaswamysenior professor and head of the department of genetic engineering at Madurai Kamaraj University, says that all of these reports are doing a good job of raising awareness.

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A study on consumerism indicates that the consumer will spend considerably less on non-essential items and substitute to more essential items like spending money on grandchildren, leisure and recreation Access Economics a.

Similarly about one-third of the scheduled caste agricultural workforce is composed of agricultural labourers. Short essay on Population Problems India K. The gap was the widest in Germany followed by the U.

The Impact of Aging Populations

In terms of soft to hard infrastructure, spanning education, healthcare, roads, electricity, housing, employment growth and more, India is visibly strained.

Not only does age play a huge role, but so does wealth and education. Therefore through volunteer services, the elderly substantially minimizes government expenditure on welfare, aid their families with childcare and find satisfaction in providing various other charitable services.

Aging Population

Ultimately the workforce and those who are of working age is rapidly shrinking rapidly. India will be one of the few countries in the world with a working age population that exceeds its number of retirees.

China's Population Policy Now a Problem, Not a Solution

“Bythe average Indian will be only 29 years of age, compared with Athlone is a young man whose background gives him unique insight on sociological and cultural changes that are happening today.

(March ) India’s population ages 60 and older is projected to increase dramatically over the next four decades, from 8 percent in to 19 percent inaccording to the United Nations Population.

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This essay will explore the social, cultural and psychological health related issues linked with growth in the aging population and will focus on the baby boomer generation and the co-morbidities that are notably prevalent in the elderly.

Ageing population is a very serious issue that the developing countries will face in a short period of time. Out of these three solutions the best solution would be to encourage families to have more than one baby and give them support.

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Indias aging population essay
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